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Posted on June 18, 2015 at 12:31 PM Comments comments (93)
Pronto Business Funding are promoting a procurement service to caterers who are a small to medium size business.Unfairly and very often smaller companies are told by their suppliers they have to pay more for their supplies than very large corporate companies have to pay for the same supplies.The reason they are given by suppliers is that the big corporate companies have bulk buying power which small companies do not have.This may have been the case at one time but not now if smaller businesses become street wise and bring in a procurement company.Pronto business Funding are able to introduce smaller businesses to a procurement company who will carry out a a free price check service for a catering company and if they find,

 they are paying more for their items than a big corporate would pay for the same items they would point out
to the caterer how much more they pay compared to larger companies ,and then go on to get them lower prices which would reflect the difference and lower prices that bigger companies get, the real pearl of this procurement service is not only will their next invoices be charged at the same discount the big companies get, they wont have to buy in bulk like the majors have to do to get the better discounts on their invoices.As this is a free service it is a, NO  BRAINIER  to give this service a try and at the same time Pronto Business Funding can offer various types of funding if needed.
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