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Posted on June 4, 2017 at 5:40 PM Comments comments (103)
In my view we all depend on banks far to much, more than most governments do ,in fact governments could not function without bankers,In the past banks have crashed but unlike the rest of us they have a bail out life line from government.What happens to you if your bank crashes at the moment many banks look iffy.

Well if your bank crashed it could freeze or cap your access to your money and leave A.T,M. machines cashless so you cant withdraw cash and in some cases banks have been known to keep their doors closed to account holders.On top of that the interest rate they offer savers is far from good, so do we need to be vulnerable to the short comings of our banks ,is it case the banks have total control of our money i think yes but are banks our only option i think NO !!!

When i first left school in the sixties i joined a long gone company called Odex Racasan based in Ellesmere Port in Cheshire.I was appointed as their National Account Manger, and my then boss told me that managing company business was 90% through good planning and prep those wise words ring true today,and i do not depend on my bank if they ever should need a bail out i am ready. I have a Gold Money account which started out as Bit Gold but recently merged Gold Money who have some big time investors backing them.

My account with Gold Money gives me independence from my 2 bankers that i use who at anytime they
have the power to seize assets from their account holders.But they do not have that power with my Gold Money account which gives me independence from them.I keep some of money in gold which means when
the spot price of gold goes up my cash flow goes up.Top pundit Jim Rickard and much respected author of the Death of Money reckons gold is undervalued and as to keep rising in price from $1200 per ounce to over $10,000 in a short time,which means that type of rise would reflect in your balance.The other thing i like about my Gold Money account is that it comes with a visa card and can be used as a debit card in addition it gives me a choice of currencies with no expensive charges.    

Pronto Business Funding are in partnership with Gold Money on top of our business funding services we can
provide must have,information about Gold Money and help you open an account, after my account was open i was given a nice surprise they deposited some free gold in to my account that was nice.. 

Daniel Buckingham.