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Posted on December 14, 2018 at 8:30 AM Comments comments (261)
I am a bit of a data junkie and i see legal firms keep busy placing legal charges on some businesses and homes.I also see individuals with legal charges paying more than 4% on their loans and mortgages in addition to their legal charges, i would say this is not happy situation for a business or a individual to be in and more so when they in reality have a good income, but because of the interest rates they are paying and the problems   that charges, on their business and homes cause, they have to exist on a low margins when things could be a lot better if they could refinace and get a low interest loan but legal charges kick in when they try to refinace.

Well well there is a formula to most things and the winners will try a different way from the crowd and the herd.
There are several routes to re finance and getting a lower interest rate with a fresh loan, that will reduce your monthly out goings and give a bigger margin to your income and get rid of legal charges by knowing about finance tools.Start the new year giving re finance a thought and ask Pronto Business Funding to give your business a quote.Pronto Business Funding are based in London and represent a major international bank as well as private funding sources and are able to offer international funding at low cost interest.

Dan Buckingham.     [email protected]   


Posted on October 31, 2018 at 4:15 PM Comments comments (214)
The  reason i did have a credit card was to use it to buy on line as i felt paying by credit credit card was a better option than giving my debit card details.I think internet security is a very big issue and i thought the banks gave protection to a credit card user who buys on line.To some degree banks do 
give you protection, when a fraudster went on a spendng spree using my credit card my bank gave me a full refund so i got back all the money the fraudster took from my account and i was very thankful.

However with credit card security i think it is horses for courses, and credit card security as it flaws.
I watch You Tube a great deal and i saw an App to watch Premier League Football and the offer to watch football matches on a match by match basis without a contract or subscribtion and do it on a pay as you view basis.At a cost of about £9.00 per football match so i gave it a try but when i tried to login  to watch a football match i found i could not login or get a positive response from their customer services.So i reset my password and i made another payment to watch a diffrent football match and the same thing again they would not let me login to watch the football match.

That was back in January/ Febuary we are now in October and some months ago when i checked my credit card statement i saw my bank details i gave them to watch football on my television was transferd to their movie department who quickley started to charge me for watching their  movies,
despite them not sorting out my login problems to watch football,so i could not watch football or their movies but was being charged by the company.I told my bank about this but they said they could not stop the payments but they suggested they would send me a replacement card with a different card card number.

I did as my bank suggested i got my new credit card and card number but it made no difference money was still being taken out of my account with my old card details and my bank told me there was not much  could do about it so the system favours fraudsters.So i concluded i do not need the hassle of using ta credit card anymore and i told my bank to close my credit card account this action  as worked  and stopped them taking money out of my account without my consent i will now use pre payment  cards instead of my credit card and give myself control as the system favors fraudsters who can take money from your accounts at will.

Daniel Buckingham.


Posted on May 14, 2018 at 6:29 AM Comments comments (368)
There was a time when i looked at Warren Buffet with envy and i thought i could do what he does if i could borrow money at low cost like he did and i one time i felt it was really unfair he got charged so little for the huge sums he borrowed.But now i think Warren Buffet was a wise owl and a pathfinder.

Pronto Business Funding can now offer low cost funding at 2% private buy to let landlords might want a quote at this rate and we would also quote a individual with a huge mortgage who pays a higher rate i have noted most mortgages cost 3 to 4% so the the sums could be better.
Pronto also offer low cost foreign currency exchange rate with visa facilities that come with secure
block chain accounts that protect their assets from third party intruders.Contact Dan Buckingham for services information [email protected]